Time to cool down from your run, and Sam's still on hand to help - unless his obsession with defeating Janine gets the better of him.



Mission CompletedEdit

You've just got back to Abel after another successful mission killing a horde of zombie nuns. Runner 4 suggest a post-workout cool down in the Rec Hall.

Downward DogEdit

You join Runners 4 and 8 for a stretch in the Recreation Hall. Sam muses about millefeuille as he attempts to bond with Janine over a videogame.

Quadriceps StretchEdit

The other runners look on in horror as Runner 3 contorts himself into rather painful looking yoga positions. Janine schools Sam in the game they were playing, so he slopes off to chat to you while you stretch.


Runner 4 is helping Ed with a spot of knitting as he attempts to make a hat for Molly.

Core StrengthEdit

Janine is infuriated by the game that she was previously winning. After a brief debate about the fall of Rome, conversation turns to Runner 3, who is strengthening his back muscles for miscellaneous horizontal activities.

Time To RunEdit

Sam is elated as he defeats a boss in the game he's playing. Maxine enters with a message from Runner 7 - he needs some spare runners at the gates. Sam reluctantly leaves the game behind to head to the comms shack as you and Runner 4 head out for another mission.

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