During the first annual Abel/New Canton boat race, the zombies decide they want in on the race. Row for your life!



One-Two, One-TwoEdit

Phil and Zoe greet you through a loudhailer - you're celebrating the nice weather by holding an Abel vs New Canton boat race! You're in the boat with a disgruntled Jamie (who Abel has possibly bribed with copious amounts of Curly Wurlies) and Sam as your cox. On your marks, get set... and go!

Always PreparedEdit

The finish line is in sight and New Canton are ahead by a hair; Nadia is getting competitive, but Sam's not giving up that easily. This township rivalry rubs Jamie up the wrong way and Abel's boat is thrown into disarray as he abdicates control of his oar, forcing Sam to take over. As this crew shuffle takes place, Phil spots fifty zombies shambling in from the left. The crowd watching the boat race scarpers in total panic, but luckily you're equipped with noise makers to draw the undead away from the civilians.

Pick Her Up!Edit

Jamie is revelling in Sam's discomfort as the zombies fall back, but this is short lived as he spots some rapids up ahead. The current is too strong for you to get back to the bank and you go over. Nadia's boat hits a rock and shatters, throwing everyone on board over the side. The rowers manage to swim to the bank, but Nadia has been knocked out - Jamie takes control of the situation, ordering you and Sam to row as hard as you can to save her before she drowns.

They Don't Need To BreatheEdit

Jamie lifts an unconscious Nadia into your boat. Sam comments on the beauty of your surroundings, relieved that your ordeal seems to be over, but this brief interlude is cut short by the arrival of what seems to be a crowd of undead anglers wading into the lake to get you.

Raring To Go...Edit

Nadia regains consciousness, confused by the current state of affairs. As Sam and Jamie explain your dilemma, Nadia recognises your location and remembers that there's an army base on the island in the middle of the lake that may contain weapons. She suggests you and Sam row around to distract the zoms while she and Jamie jump out to raid the base.

Zombie SoupEdit

Sam becomes anxious as the underwater zoms get closer to your boat. As he's whining about his hands, Nadia calls out as her and Jamie wade back towards you - they've found guns, ammo and grenades in the army base. Jamie takes the oar back from Sam in order to gain some distance from the aquatic undead before Nadia chucks a frag into the water, turning it into zombie soup.

Trivia Edit

  • Jennifer Tan, Nadia Al Hanaki's voice actress, has said that this was one of her favorite missions to record.

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