It's Sleepless in Abel as Dr Myers sends you on a high-altitude mission with an ulterior motive.



Get ClimbingEdit

You're out in the mountains with Maxine, Runner 4 and Runner 6 to investigate an interesting rumour that has spread from Bolivia via rofflenet. Apparently La Paz is completely zom free, and the doctor wants to conduct an experiment - presumably to investigate whether high altitude has any effect on the undead...

Drilling Zombies?Edit

Tempers fray up the mountain as Runner 6 continues to infuriate Runner 4, despite the doctor's insistance that they are secretly in love. Sam confesses to you that the Bolivia zombie thing was a cover story to entertain Maxine's insistence that the pair are meant to be. Runner 6 spots something in the distance accompanied by the faint sound of drilling - time to investigate.

That Doesn't Sound SafeEdit

Runner 6 reminiscing about Australia causes Runner 4 to lash out once again. Sam puts an end to their bickering as he spots a disturbing sculpture of a giant zombie face taking shape on the cliff. Its eccentric-looking sculptor pops up beside you; she confesses that it's taken rather a long time to sculpt it by hand, and she wants to speed up the process with some dynamite - good job she's found some people to do the dirty work.

Crypto-Cockroach HistoriansEdit

Runner 4 antagonises the sculptor much to everyone's dismay, but she doesn't seem to notice. The artist explains the meaning behind her work; she is making a monument for the future to allow our evolutionary successors to work out what destroyed the human race, since zombies and humans will not differ in the archaeological record.


You're a long way ahead of the mad sculptor, but she's still pointing a rifle in your direction so there's no escape. As you approach the detonator, Runner 4 makes the executive decision to set it off. You are all temporarily deafened as the rocks begin to crumble and fall; the dynamite has started an avalanche and your only safe route is up.

Partial SuccessEdit

Sam encourages you to speed up a little, but Runner 4 has twisted her ankle. Much to Maxine's delight, ever-gallant Runner 6 picks her up to carry her to safety. All that seems to be left of the sculptor is a rather gruesome puddle trapped under what used to be the sculpture's nose, which has luckily attracted the zombies' attention.

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