Prepare for a change of pace as you take to your wheels, but get peddling- the zoms don't intend to give you a free ride.



Get PeddlingEdit

Today's a bit different- you won't be running, you'll be biking. Both yourself and Simon have impressively named bikes, while Owen and Jody have less impressive ones. You're off to raid a  shopping mall that was crawling with zoms- but because it's new, it's wheelchair accessible. There are a few zoms on your trail, so best get a move on.

Free WheelingEdit

Well, now there are more zombies after you- three of them wearing work-out clothes. Speeding up is a bit problematic, as you're going uphill, and Owen and Jody don't have good bikes for that- though Simon is super-enthusiastic about his bike's capabilities. Simon volunteers you to go with him to draw the zombies away, as you can run rings around the zoms on your bikes. Simon attempts to do that literally, but then nearly crashes as he gets a little too close. Jody and Owen are nearly to the top of the hill, so now's a good time to break away from the zoms and catch up to them.

Don't Forget The Fishing RodsEdit

You've moved out of Sam's long-range camera coverage. You're heading for an outdoors store on the fourth floor, whic might have fishing rods, which could be used to catch cod. At least you're risking your lives for a good cause. There are enough zoms swarming to give everyone pause, by Simon is convinced that you can swerve around them. Things seem to be going well- you arrive at the store, but the zoms are hot on your tail. You've got to grab everything while on your bikes, and then head for the carpark.


Multistory carparks are have alway creeped Sam out, even before they became infested with zombies. Simon accidentially runs over broken glass, blowing out his tire. You've still got a huge pack of zoms on your tail, so you're going to have to give him a backy. Hurry up, because the zoms are gaining on you.

Very Uncomfortable IndeedEdit

You're back on long-range camera's along with the pack of zoms chasing after you. Because you've got Simon on your back, you can't really go any faster. Simon worries that he might need to be left behind- Owen proposes that he and Jody draw them off. Jody is less than enthusiastic about being volunteered, but agrees anyway. They draw most of the zoms off, but there are three old lady zoms that just won't quit. Simon suggests taking the stairs to loose them, as niether zombies nor old ladies like stairs. After what's an uncomfortable ride for him, you've lost the old ladies, but there are more zoms moving in from your left. Keep peddling.

On A Bicycle Made For TwoEdit

Good news! You're entirely zombie free and Simon can jump off your bike. He's still go all the supplies, and Sam has refrained from making an horrible bike puns. The road is zombie free and you have a good bike at your disposal, so you can kick back and enjojy the ride.

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