Zoe and louise

Louise Bailey and Zoe Crick by The Wondersmith

Zoe Crick

First Appearance

S2 Radio Mode

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Amy Rockson






New Canton radio host


Blonde, hazel eyes, 5'4"

Zoe is one of the radio hosts of Radio New Tomorrow in New Canton. She was partnered with Phil because pre-apocalypse, she was a DJ for Radio Norwich.[1] She has a tattoos of a rose for her mother and the Star Fleet symbol.

Character HistoryEdit

When the apocalypse began Zoe was looking after her sisters kids and proceeded to take them to a military base and succeeded but was not granted entrance herself so Zoe attempted to head to her mother's house in Peterborough however it is implied that she was too late. Following this, she travelled from settlement to settlement, watching each one fall, before finally reaching New Canton.[2]


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