...sometimes you discover that you never knew your friends at all

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Not Getting Any Younger Edit

You wake up at Runner 3’s place in the middle of the night; the safest time to carry out your plan to vindicate Jody.

The Mob Edit

Sam guides you through the dark towards an abandoned hospital which Runner 4 believes contains Exmoor Militia documentation that will prove her innocence.

Light-Hearted Banter Edit

Jody tries to explain her money laundering, and maintains that someone else in Abel must have been selling intel to the militia, but Sam and Owen are sceptical.

On Your Tail Edit

Travis’ voice in your ear cuts off The Runners’ bickering; he accuses Sam of aiding and abetting a criminal and informs you that New Canton is on your tail.

Get After Her! Edit

Jody leads the way to the secure wing containing the militia’s documents. You find Amelia waiting for you, standing in front of a burning barrel.

Long Enough Edit

Runner 4 and Travis - who has reappeared on comms - realise this proves Jody’s innocence and Amelia’s guilt. Shame Amelia is escaping in an ambulance.

A Little Trip Edit

Amelia shoots Owen in the leg as he tries to intercept her, before demanding you accompany her to her microlight...

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