Restore communications before the Minister can poison the entire country against you

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Deactivate That Signal-Block Edit

You've got to find a way to break the communications lockdown. Janine tasks you and Paula with checking out repeater stations to deactivate the signal block, while she prepares for an attack at Abel.

Run To One Further Away Edit

Nadia and Sam are still coming to terms with Veronica's betrayal when you arrive at the nearest repeater station. Unfortunately it's been mined, and you'll have to carry on to the next one.

Pick Up A Leaflet Edit

The next repeater station is just as welcoming as the last and you have to move on. Suddenly there's a helicopter near your position, but instead of targeting you it's dropping... leaflets?

While Anyone Still Believes Us Edit

Paula's caught up to you on your way to Pleiades settlement and you take a look at one of the fliers. It's full of propaganda to discredit Abel. You've got to hurry to that settlement before they see this.

Come Home. Now. Edit

Seems Pleiades settlement's already been leafleted and they see you off at gunpoint. Suddenly Ian Golightly's voice blares out from a tank-mounted loudspeaker - branding everyone at Abel traitors.

Patrol Might Have Spotted You Edit

You and Paula try to make it back to Abel without being spotted, while Ian reads out the message that some of Abel's residents can talk to loved ones again, so long as they help the Ministry.

Something About Section Z-92 Edit

Back at Abel Sam receives a message from Bernard at New Canton - they trust you, and will stand with you. Meanwhile Tom's given Janine more clues. Once you're rested you'll be on a special mission to New Canton.

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