A traitor's been unmasked, but Abel's problems aren't over- and Van Ark will go to any lengths to get his mole back.



A Traitor, Not A CowardEdit

Sam is concerned about the fact that Sara isn't being held in Abel- you know, where there are a lot of people with guns who are angry with her. The Major counters that angry people do stupid things, and it's better that Sara be held in a secure location where Janine is interrogating her- the fewer people who know her location the better. Sam warns you about some shamblers, and then shares his opinion that Sara won't tell you anything.

The World's The ThingEdit

Sam questions Five's presence, as they don't seem the type to torture. Major de Santa corrects him- the Geneva Convention still applies, and Five is there to run the perimeter. Van Ark has already sent fast zoms into the country, and as they head towards Sara's location, the Major waxes poetical about the beauty of nature and her plans to retire to her father's farm. She hopes that they can make the world a better place- Sam jokes that he's holding out for a world without spiders. She concludes that humanity is worth a lot, and that the old must make way for the new.

The World's The ThingEdit

Van Ark must really want Sara back- he's sent a lot of fast zoms after her. Five goes to check on the fences as Sam muses on how surprised he is that she turned out the be the mole- he didn't like her, exactly, but she always seemed committed to Abel. He'd thought he was such a good judge of character. He wonders if he would have turned if he'd been bitten and Van Ark had offered to save him. Five locks the gates, and then goes to secure the rest of the perimeter.

Don't Pretend We're FriendsEdit

All the zoms you caught off from the west are heading for the east entrance, forming a very large swarm of the undead. Good news: the fence is holding. Neutral news: you're going to have the interrogation piped to your headset.

Janine asks if Sara was recruited before she was bitten, or if getting bitten was part of the plan. Sara did not want to be half-zom, or to get Archie killed. Janine gets increasingly angry as Sara insists that while Van Ark was a monster, she was merely doing what she had to to survive.

The feed is cut, because the bad news has arrived: one of the zombies approaching the fence has what looks to be a bolt cutter.

Get Away From ThereEdit

Yes, that's a bolt cutter- so maybe heading straight for it wasn't the greatest idea ever. It's too late to shore up the defenses, so just run. Sam informs the Major of these developments: she leaves Janine alone with Sara. Sara taunts her as Sam instructs you on the best way to avoid the zoms. Janine's response to Sam's directions lets Sara know that Van Ark has sent for her- Janine is ordered to get Sara to the car. Before she can do that, Sara escapes, and after a struggle she breaks Janine's arm, causing her to pass out. The Major confronts her, and Sara kills her. Sam frantically urges Five to get away from the area.

Should Have Listened To SamEdit

You ignore Sam's pleading and run towards Sara and Janine. He's sending out runners, but is cut off by Sara pulling a gun on you. She tells you that you can keep running, and the fast zoms will ignore you, because Van Ark doesn't want anything terrible to happen to you- yet.

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