Sigrid takes you on a trip down memory lane, to when she and Van Ark first met

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Away From Prying Ears Edit

Before you can set off on your run with Sigrid, Ian interrupts for a quick word about his position at Abel, and Owen's punishment. Sigrid puts him in his place and whisks you away somewhere more private.

Get Moving! Edit

Sigrid has decided she can trust you, and to show that trust she confides in you the story of how she met Van Ark, and got to this important point in her life.

Never Make It Edit

It was a literal collision with destiny when Sigrid and Van Ark, or Ernest, met during their student days. They ran into each other in that classic nerd-with-books vs runner way, and hated each other instantly.

It's Tipping Down! Edit

On the way to a talk by Professor Holloway, Sigrid and Ernest bumped into each other again, metaphorically this time. They discovered they had more in common than they thought, and hit it off.

Come For A Meditative Run Edit

At a conference in Paris, while sheltering from rain under the doorway of Notre Dame cathedral, Ernest proposed in the least romantic way possible - as a way for Sigrid to get a permanent British visa.

Across The Concourse Edit

With only a marriage of convenience, Sigrid kept her true feelings hidden. It wasn't until Moonchild persuaded her she had to break away that Ernest realised he really did love his wife.

Get Out Of Here Darling Edit

After their reconciliation at the airport Sigrid and Ernest agreed to do everything together from then on, including working on the zombie virus. Sigrid thought she'd put safeguards in place, but one little slip up with Patient 29 and the virus was released 10 years too soon.

Thank You For Listening Edit

Right from the start of the apocalypse Sigrid and Ernest agreed; he would have to play the villain and she would have to play the hero. Sigrid doesn't blame you for Ernest's death, that was how it had to be.

Have A Safe Trip Edit

Back at Abel Sigrid's transport to London has arrived, and she has to be going. Ian is positively delighted to be placed in charge while she's away.

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