Lead by Runner 8, the runners navigate their way through the ship in an attempt to rescue the few remaining Aurora survivors.

Base Unlock: Padding Pool



It's A Long Story...Edit

Sam is gobsmacked by the heroic return of Runner 8, who you all though was dead after she ran away from Abel, shouting that she'd been bitten. She suggests running from the multitude of zombies surrounding you before telling her tale.

Off This Ship!Edit

Runner 8 leads you towards the trapped survivors. She reveals that she was the one that told the captain to call for you by name, since if her name had been mentioned, you would have suspected foul play. Runner 4 notes the militaristic atmosphere on board as 8 describes the cruise ship's passengers living happily in denial of the zombie apocalypse until one concealed a bite. You reach the survivors and a baby is thrust upon you.

Titanic Is My Favourite MovieEdit

Sam get distracted imagining Rajit's annoyance at Runner 8 being back from the dead, so Runner 4 chimes in to remind him to, you know, check the cliffs for zombies and stuff. You manage to return the baby to its family safely. The captain reveals in passing that he pulled Runner 8 out of the ocean - Runner 4 picks up on this, but the captain has no time to explain. Instead he suggests an attempt to salvage some of the Aurora's cargo before the tide comes in.

Stay Ahead Of The TideEdit

Runner 3 likens your experience to a movie cliche and debates post-modern horror with Runner 4 as you navigate the ship. Runner 8 suggests splitting up in order to grab as much as you can before the tide comes in; you and she head towards the back stairway to collect weapons, while Runners 3 and 4 head for the meds and food.

Not Just Water In HereEdit

You hear a shriek from the bowels of the ship - Runner 8 suggests that there are still people on board in the process of turning grey, but Sam is unconvinced. Runner 8 confesses she has never been down this far because the doors were always locked, which Sam concludes is a very good reason to abandon ship. Runner 8 reveals how she ended up being rescued by the Aurora after being lost at sea for days. You reach an extensive weapons cache, which again raises Sam's suspicions - she attributes this to teaming up with the navy - however it's time to run as you start to smell fuel.

Viking FuneralEdit

Runner 8 sees fuel pouring from the drums that smashed when she dropped the lifeboats, but you manage to climb a ladder to safety and reconvene with the others on the cliff. She then questions the captain about why no one was allow below deck and the mysterious screams emitting from the ship's hold, which he unconvincingly attributes to a gas build up before blowing up the Aurora, conveniently destroying all evidence of what was inside. Sam is hesitant about allowing the survivors to stay in Abel.


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