Working with Amelia's always going to be a gamble, but this time Janine's stacked the odds in your favour

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

While They're Distracted Edit

Jody continues to reassure Amelia that everything's okay, much to Amelia's confusion. Jody carries on with the plan to use a recording of the Minister, supplied by Amelia, to open all the door locks in the facility, and the Ministry forces have to retreat.

Never Used To Be This Bossy Edit

The Ministry distracted by the freed prisoners, you head for the real target in room B189. After some riffling you find the file, and leave a mess so the Ministry knows you've been there. Now it's time to rescue Amelia.

Grab Amelia And Run! Edit

Jody does her best impression of caring about Amelia's welfare, while you use 'stolen' equipment to rescue her from the Minister.

The Plan Is Working Perfectly Edit

You make it back outside the facility with Amelia in tow, and she is not pleased. Even Janine revealing that she's still alive, and this was all a recruitment mission, isn't enough to persuade Amelia to stay, but you'd still better keep an eye on her.

Need To Get Out Of Here Edit

Amelia approaches a group of soldiers but doesn't quite get the welcome she's expecting. With the Minister threatening to shoot, you and Jody step in again to rescue your new friend.

So Much Fun Together Edit

One furious tirade later, Amelia listens to Janine's full plan to double-cross a double-crosser. She's actually impressed at Janine's deviousness. Amelia finally accepts her fate, but Jody's glee turns to horror when she realises they'll be living together!

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