A call from an unexpected location leads to a medical supplies tun becoming a rescue mission

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

A Few Streets East Edit

Maxine's standing in for Sam on a routine medical supplies mission. Just as you're finishing up a signal comes through from a reporter, Ian Golightly, who's trapped in a bin!

Worth A Shot Edit

You find a row of dumpsters but unfortunately Ian's not so good with directions and leads you straight to some zoms instead. Kytan arrives in the comms shack and suggests you head to a nearby dojo for weapons.

Zombies Have Found Him Edit

After nunchucking the zombies to (permanent) death you head back to get Ian. He's heard about rumours of a cure, which is how he got into this situation. And now zombies have found him.

Take A Left Edit

Cameo and Kytan direct you to a weapons cache, enabling you to shoot the zoms surrounding Ian, which attracts more. Owen arrives in the comms shack and Maxine struggles to guide you.

An Explosion Should Do It Edit

Four's a crowd in the comms shack and the instructions become even more chaotic. Eventually some leadership arrives in the form of Paula and Janine.

Doing The Right Thing Edit

You follow Janine's direction and blow up the zombies. By the time Sam arrives to see what the fuss is, everything's back to normal. Ian now has enough info for a Janine-approved report on the cure.

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