Even more uncomfortable secrets are uncovered as you make your way back to Abel to expose the Minister

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Take The Message Home Edit

Still inside the disused bunker, Sam gives you a sitrep on the helicopter and surrounding zombies. Janine's certain you can foil the Minister's plans and rescue Veronica. You escape through a break in the horde.

No Zombies Will Stop Us Edit

Janine tells Sam to get ready to transmit the incriminating recording. No-one can work out why the Minister didn't just ask to access the vault below Abel. There must be something else going on.

Approaching From The East Edit

It appears Veronica took all her stuff with her to meet with the Minister - except a hidden USB stick with recordings that give Janine a bad feeling.

Better Pick Up The Pace Edit

Sam queues up the next recording for you all to listen to; Janine wants to be sure of her hunch. Meanwhile things at Abel sound a bit chaotic, so you pick up the pace.

Throwing Everything At You Edit

The Minister's not pulling punches as she sends in tanks. Finally Veronica's recordings reveal who she was talking to - Van Ark!

Must Get This Message Out Edit

Another recording to listen to and this message reveals even more secrets about Van Ark, like how he and the Minister were married. It's now clear that Veronica was not kidnapped, but chose to leave Abel.

Just... Come Home Edit

There's one last message on the USB stick, dated today. Veronica wants everyone at Abel to understand she's chosen this because she really believes she can help make a better world.

Completely Edit

Back at Abel soldiers are surrounding the township, so you've got to get that transmission going. There's a small problem though, none of Sam's signals are getting out - the Minister's completely cut you off!

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