You still need all the intel you can get before the big push. Dangerous waters ahead

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Heading Right For You Edit

You’re in Runner 3’s shack looking for more of Van Ark’s intel on Comansys. Paula and Doctor Lobatse seem to have made up after Janine’s intervention.

Out Of Range Edit

The gang talk about their identities as Runners in the apocalypse, but this insightful conversation is cut short by the appearance of a troupe of Dedlocks.

Can't Lose Them Now Edit

Louise suspects the Dedlocks have been mind controlled and suggests trailing them, since they are known hostiles.

Go Faster Edit

Paula manages to tune in to the Dedlocks’ radio frequency and you hear Diana giving orders to attack the militia’s warehouses.

Quite A Nice Gun Edit

Even more Dedlocks approach, bringing Diana’s forces to over two hundred. Darren’s voice cuts in to your comms - Runner 4 insists that you try and save him.

Back To Abel Edit

Darren is interrogated by Diana and then promptly shot after she decides he is “not persuadable”.

Rescue Maxine Edit

Paula tells Runner 4 that she will make sure Janine keeps her on active duty while the rest of you head to the Laetitia Greenwald to rescue Maxine.

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