When a collapsed building fills the streets with lethal shamblers and sneaky crawlers it's up to you and Runner 3 to put your baseball bats to good use...



Perfect Timing.Edit

Sam is irritated to learn that a block of flats has collapsed, driving a hoard of irritated and now homeless walking dead onto your best route into the city.

Brace YourselvesEdit

Runner 3's enquiry about what happened to the building ends up with Sam rambling about pizza. After a Hawaiian-topping slur at Sam's expense, Runner 3 checks that you are still on the right track. Sam describes your route, but warns you to brace yourselves.

Retching In HorrorEdit

Sam and Runner 3 are momentarily speechless as they regard the resulting devastation from the building's collapse. About 30 zombies are trapped under the rubble, making your onwards journey perilous. Runner 3 makes tasteless comparisons of the zombies to various horror tropes.

Now, Swing!Edit

Runner 3 likens your task to a gruesome re-imagination of whack-a-mole.

Kick It Up A GearEdit

Sam spots movement about two blocks ahead of you. Runner 3 devises a way you can work together to get past the crawlers, but calls dibs on taking them out himself.

Thirty Six PointsEdit

Maxine chimes in to say that Janine and Runner 7 are beating your score - whoever wins the kill pool this month gets a bottle of whisky. Runner 3 says that the route is once again clear, so long as you don't mind the smell. Sam fears that his disapproving tone has turned him into Janine.


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