When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes at you

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

How Does This Work Again? Edit

You’re the guinea pig as the Ministry tests whether hypnosis reproduces the effect of the Tavington machine. If this works, you will be immune to mind control.

Clear Your Mind Edit

Isabel instructs Sam to leave, as you have to enter a hypnagogic state, and he’s too much of a reminder of the real world.

Responding Well Edit

Isabel reassures you of the familiar environment and suggests you embrace the images rising in your mind as a result of triggers she’s previously planted.

Something Dark Edit

Runner 8’s voice fills your ears as you begin to hear flashbacks to your past. However this soon turns sour as you begin to hear something unsettling...

Snap Out Of It Edit

Sam’s sent Runner 4 to help you but he can’t get a fix on your location. An unseen horror approaches as Sam panics, begging you to focus on his voice.

Something Inside Edit

Jody unsuccessfully attempts to snap you out of the hypnosis. You hear Sam’s voice; he suspects the ZRD has something to do with what’s happening.

This Is What It Felt Like Edit

Sam’s voice begins to reassure you, but this relief is short lived as his voice morphs into Moonchild’s - you’re being mind controlled.

Trivia Edit

The mission is named after a track of the same name by Metallica

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