Doctor Myers joins you for your final workout prior to your 5k Graduation Run.

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A chat with the Doc. She sees more than she says

Workout Edit

5 minute walk
10 minute free-form run
3 minutes stretching
(Repeat 2 times)

10 minute free-form run

5 minute walk

5 minute run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Start Now Edit

Doctor Myers says that, given this is your last training run, you'll be on a different training schedule to last time. She'll also be coming out with you to make sure you're ready for your final run to Bert Airfield.

A Good Thing Edit

Doctor Myers thanks you for what you're doing for Sam. She says she thinks its him that holds Abel together more than anyone else. She says what happened to the old Runner Five hit him hard and you have really helped him recover.

Word of Warning Edit

Doctor Myers warns you: she believes something's going on at Abel. There are too many people interested in the settlement, and too much has happened recently. She says you should be on your guard.

Not Glamorous Edit

The Doctor gives you a stick of no-chafe to protect you from chafing on your big run at the end of the week.

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