Begin your final week of Runner's training.

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They've found Frances, the old Runner Five's sister. She's in the Bebrides

Workout Edit

5 minute walk
5 minute free-form run
2 minutes stretching
20 minute free-form run
5 minutes stretching
5 minute free-form run
3 minutes stretching
5 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Come With You Edit

Doctor Myers tells you she and Sam will be joining you on your first run of this final week of your training.

Beyond The Wall Edit

Sam tells you some good news: he's found Frances, the old Runner 5's sister. She's very far north. Sam makes a Game of Thrones joke.

Stay Optimistic Edit

Sam comments on how much you've improved since you first arrived. He never thought you'd escape the zoms after your helicopter crashed. Doctor Myers reminds him to stay optimistic at all times.

Hebrides Edit

Sam tells you that he's had word that Frances is safe on a Hebridean island, in the far north of the UK. There's a biotech company there with a base and the island's completely free of zoms. Sam suggests that he might have a favour to ask you.

Run To Bert Edit

Sam asks you for a favour: take all the things of Alice's he's gathered; photos, diaries, letters, and run them to Bert Airfield at the end of this week. There's a transport leaving there which will be heading up north, and Bert have agreed to take Sam's package to Frances if you can get it to them at the end of the week.

Marmite Edit

Sam says he'll be incredibly grateful if you decide to make the run to Bert at the end of the week. To show his gratitude, he gives you his jar of Marmite - something that's incredibly special to him.

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