Runner 7, Abel's head of Runners, joins you for your final session in week 7.

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Chat with Runner 7. Visit a zombie-infested village. Nothing ever goes smoothly

Workout Edit

10 minute fast walk
5 minute free-form run
(Repeat 5 times)

1 minute run

15 seconds skipping

5 minute free-form run
(Repeat 2 times)

3 minutes stretching

5 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Let's Go Edit

Runner Seven greets you. He's Abel's head of Runners, and he'll be joining you for your run today.

Dunderwood Edit

Runner Seven explains that you'll be going out on your first proper practice mission this time next week - a full 5k run. He, Doctor Myers and Sam discuss your progress - they give you a glowing assessment. Runner Seven then explains you'll be heading towards Dunderwood Village today. The place is crawling with zoms, but it gives an excellent vantage point for surveying the surrounding area.

Becca Edit

Becca hails you - she's found shelter and she's calling you towards it for safety.

Thanks from Bert Edit

You arrive at her shelter, and Becca reprimands Runner Seven for disturbing the zoms in Dunderwood. She says you're lucky she was there to help you hide. She's especially pleased to see you, as she has a thank you from Bert Airfield. They caught Francesca stealing supplies from them after listening in to Sam's messages. As a thank you, they've told Becca to pass on a message: if you ever need anything from them, they'll be there.

Pillow Edit

Sam gives you a pillow as a reward for completing your run. Runner Seven says he's certain you'll be ready for your graduation run next week.

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