Sam joins you for your first session in week seven.

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Run around Abel with Sam. Got a Curly-Wurly

Workout Edit

10 minute fast walk
5 minute free-form run
(Repeat 5 times)

1 minute run

15 seconds skipping

5 minute free-form run
(Repeat 2 times)

3 minutes stretching

5 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Getting Antsy Edit

Doctor Myers thanks you for the meds run you did with Runner Six last week. She briefs you for this week's runs: they may seem easy, but you should push yourself as much as possible. Sam says he wants to come clean, but feels too antsy to do it cooped up in the comms shack. He dons a headset and comes out to join you as you train around Abel.

She'd Know Edit

Sam comes out to join you. He tells you that he's had a ping back from a Rofflenet relay about 400 miles north. They think they've found Alice's sister, Frances. He's desperate to get word to her.

Private Stash Edit

Sam gives you a chocolate bar from his own private stash as thanks for all your help.

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