Hopefully today's will be an uneventful training session

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Overheard Janine and Runner 8 talking. Pretty sure they didn't notice anytihng. Turned back so as not to make it too obvious

Workout Edit

5 minute walk
10 minute free-form run
10 half squats
(Repeat 2 times)

30 seconds stretching

10 half squats

5 minute fast walk
7 minute free-form run
(Repeat 2 times)

2 minutes stretching

7 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Not Since The Attack Edit

Doctor Myers apologises for having no activities of interest for you today. She and Sam discuss the state of his investigation, explaining that Bert Airfield is on total lockdown, since someone's been stealing supplies from them.

Another Question Edit

You overhear Janine asking Runner Eight if anyone saw them meet. She responds in the negative, but says she'll need to be quick so no-one notices she's gone. Janine asks if Runner Eight has made contact with you yet. She says she hasn't had a chance. Janine asks if that means you are unaware of the reason Mullins sent the helicopter to Abel. Runner Eight says she doesn't think you know. They both wonder if they can trust you.

Perfectly Aware Edit

You overhear Runner Eight ask Janine if she's heard anything from Mullins. Janine replies that they've been very cagey since the rocket launcher attack that brought down your helicopter. Runner Eight suggests someone must have known the helicopter was on its way. Janine says she understands the implication that someone may have broken her code.

Transmissions Edit

Runner Eight asks Janine if she knows what Mullins are looking for. She says she does, but it's classified. They go their separate ways, with Janine agreeing to let Runner Eight know if she has any contact with Mullins and Runner Eight agreeing to keep Janine informed about "the situation with Runner Five".

Shotgun Edit

Sam notices that an area behind the hospital isn't showing on the scanners today. He wonders if something brought the cameras down. Doctor Myers assures him they're fine - she checked there today herself. He reminds her they don't need any way for zombies to enter the township and she jokes about having a fully loaded shotgun in the hospital.

Portal 2 Edit

Doctor Myers apologises for how dull today's run was, and rewards you with a pass to the rec centre. She and Sam bicker about playing Portal 2 together.

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