Begin week six of your training with a chat with Rajit

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Rajit was part of Netrophil. He believes the government was controlling people through bar codes. This makes sense of his terrible novel

Workout Edit

5 minute walk
10 minute free-form run
10 half squats
(Repeat 2 times)

30 seconds stretching

10 half squats

5 minute fast walk
7 minute free-form run
(Repeat 2 times)

2 minutes stretching

7 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Rajit the Novelist Edit

Doctor Myers says she heard about your trip out with Runner Four, and she can't promise anything quite so exciting today. She warns you that Rajit wanted to quiz you about his novel. Sam sounds thrilled by this prospect and tells you to run like the zombies are after you should Rajit show up.

Bradfordian! Edit

Rajit hails you from across Abel. Sam jokes: "It's The Libyans!" Doctor Myers misses the joke. Rajit catches up to you and asks to talk to you about Francesca.

What Happened... Edit

Doctor Myers and Sam fill you in on the fact that Francesca has disappeared. Rajit says he thinks he knows what happened to her.

That Sounds Crazy Edit

Rajit reveals that he's a member of Netrophil, a group of "freedom fighters" from before the apocalypse. He says they knew that the government were sponsoring efforts to create mind-control technology and distribute it in the food. He believes this is what happened to Francesca - that she has fallen under this mind-control.

Netrophil Pamphlet Edit

You finish up for the day. Rajit gives you a Netrophil pamphlet as a reward. Sam and Doctor Myers share a joke.

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