Runner 4's taking you out for your training session today... but where are you heading?

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Mission to get craft supplies - met a woman, Becca, who knows the Bert Airfield guys

Workout Edit

5 minute walk
5 minute free-form run
(Repeat 8 times)

30 second walk

1 minute slow run

6 heel lifts

10 minute free-form run
5 minute stretching
10 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Secret Mission Edit

You're greeted by Runner 4, who tells you that the Doctor's been called back to the hospital to treat a dog bite. This means she's handed you over to Runner 4 for the day - she's been through the training program before, so she know what you're supposed to be doing. Runner 4 tells you she's on a secret mission, but that it's not dangerous.

Shopping Centre Edit

Runner 4 teases you with a little information about where you're going. She points towards a big out-of-town shopping centre, but rules out a few of the shops there as your destination. She says she'll tell you when you see your destination.

Creative Craft Warehouse Edit

Runner Four reveals that you're heading to Creative Craft Warehouse.

Darting... Edit

Runner Four spots something moving. She's convinced it's not a zom, but... who was it?

Across the Car Park Edit

Runner Four's pleased with your progress. She spots movement again - someone's moving across the abandoned car park.

Yarn Edit

Runner Four spots a trolley outside the buildings. As she investigates the contents, you're confronted by a woman - it's obviously her trolley. After a tense stand-off, she recognises that you're from Abel and she and Runner Four bond over knitting. She introduces herself as Becca and says she and her husband - Ed - live out near the airfield with their little girl. They occasionally help out the people at Bert with their equipment. She leaves you to head home.

Doll Edit

You arrive back at Abel safely. Jody gives you a knitted Runner 5 doll she's made as a reward.

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