Assist Sam with his investigation by visiting the Varela Clinic

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Went to the Valera Cardiac Clinic - they wouldn't talk but got some info about Bert Airfield

Workout Edit

5 minute walk
5 minute free-form run
(Repeat 8 times)

30 second walk

1 minute slow run

6 heel lifts

10 minute free-form run
5 minute stretching
10 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Special Assignment Edit

Sam's back at the comms. He says Doctor Myers told him you've been making great progress. Doctor Myers says they have a special assignment for you today.

Valera Clinic Edit

Sam tells you where you'll be heading: the Varela Clinic. It's one of the nearby settlements that Janine's not been able to contact, based in an old private medical clinic.

Dead-Drop Edit

As you approach the Varela Clinic, the person who's waiting for you there slings a bag over the gatepost and heads back inside. They evidently don't want to be seen talking to you. Doctor Myers tells you to just grab the bag and then rest in some nearby trees.

Run! Edit

Doctor Myers tells you to get moving again. She's nervous about the sounds in the woods. As you're getting ready, Sam spots zoms nearby: Run!

Defend the Perimeter Edit

The data you gathered from the Varela Clinic contains nothing about Frances, but does contain a lead: the people at Bert Airport have a comms tower large enough to talk to people much further north than anyone else. Doctor Myers is skeptical - the residents of Bert are known for shooting on sight. Sam agrees they should take time to consider their options. He gives you a USB stick as a reward.

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