Take on the first session in the second half of your training schedule.

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An offer of help from Janine today. Seems like she cares about Sam more than she lets on

Workout Edit

5 minute walk
5 minute free-form run
(Repeat 8 times)

30 second walk

1 minute run

6 heel lifts

10 minute free-form run
5 minute stretching
10 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Talk As We Go Edit

Doctor Myers has decided to come with you on today's training session.

Saved A Life Edit

Doctor Myers passes on Runner Six's thanks for your help when she was injured.

Getting Fitter Edit

Half-way through your warm-up, Doctor Myers compliments you on your progress and thanks you for your attitude.

Happy To Accompany Edit

Janine hails Doctor Myers across Abel to inquire about Sam's health. Doctor Myers tries to brush her off, but Janine insists on accompanying you on your run.

What's He Planning Edit

Janine presses Doctor Myers for information. Maxine assures her Sam's doing fine. Janine mentions something Sam is planning, but Maxine interrupts her.

Settlements Edit

Janine asks if the rumours are true, that Sam is planning to make contact with other small settlements in the area.

Private Business Edit

Janine presses Doctor Myers, who responds by questioning what Sam's private business has to do with Janine.

Useful Information Edit

Janine insists that she wants to help Sam, agreeing that the two of them have had their differences, but that is irrelevant now: she believes she has some information which may be useful to Sam.

Shared Secret Edit

Janine reveals that she's been in contact with nearby small settlements and has developed a system for sharing information secretly. She says that she and several others have been concerned about supplies going missing.

Lines Of Enquiry Edit

Janine says her information could allow Sam to eliminate certain lines of enquiry, requiring you to visit fewer settlements in person.

Sure He Will Edit

Janine says that, if Sam wants to take her up on her offer, he should let her know who to contact. Doctor Myers says she's sure he'll be in touch.

Generosity? Edit

Doctor Myers asks Janine what's brought on this display of generosity; she's normally quite stingy with her personal resources.

Running Smoothly Edit

Janine says she's aware of her reputation as an ogre, but insists that she acts only in the interests of keeping Abel running smoothly.

Best Wishes Edit

Janine tells Doctor Myers to consider her offer of help an opportunity to test her systems. She's obviously playing up to her reputation. Doctor Myers finally relents, saying Sam will be grateful for the help, whatever the reason. Janine departs, leaving her best wishes for Sam.

Runner 8 Edit

Doctor Myers mentions how she often feels Janine is hiding something, but that she's always "nice as pie" around Runner 8, who you're yet to meet.

Strange Woman Edit

Janine reappears from behind the shower tent, surprising Doctor Myers. She comes bearing a gift for you: a bar of soap.

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