Sam joins you for a chat while you train.

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Sam needs my help. Which is cool. But if he thinks knee-lifts are so damn funny he can go and run away from zombies himself

Workout Edit

5 minute walk
5 minute free-form run
(Repeat 5 times)

10 second knee lifts

1 minute slow walk

1 minute fast walk

30 second slow run
(Repeat 4 times)

1 minute walk

30 second slow run

15 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Life Expectancy Edit

Sam joins you for your training session. Doctor Myers will be away for a few minutes, but she's given Sam instructions for todays session, so you'll be training with him for a while. He also mentions wanting to talk to you about something while you train.

Supplies Edit

Sam begins to talk to you about something that's been playing on his mind: Alice (the old Runner 5) and her wallet. She kept important information inside, which is why he wanted to retrieve it.

Sister Edit

Sam mentions in passing that there are plans afoot to mount a sting for whoever's been stealing supplies from Abel. He then reveals that Alice's notes were about her sister.

Frances Edit

Sam explains that Alice's younger sister was named Frances; she was only 17 at the time of the outbreak. She never came home on the first night, but Alice always hoped she might still be alive somewhere. Alice had been using Rofflenet to try to find her for months.

Never Let Up Edit

Sam says Alice kept notes of everyone she contacted on Rofflenet. He becomes emotional when he describes how Alice refused to give up on her sister.

Hush Hush Edit

Sam explains that there were some settlements nearby which couldn't be seen to communicate with Abel, for fear of reprisals from New Canton. Alice would run to these settlements in order to see if they knew anything about her sister.

Nordlinger Edit

Sam lists some places Alice visited in her search.

Real Person Edit

Sam asks you to visit some of the places Alice ran to - they were gathering information for her and Sam wants you to retrieve it.

Frances Adeyemi Dempsey Edit

Sam explains that, before Alice passed, she'd received a response from a settlement to the west saying they'd had someone pass through by her sister's name.

Cold Trail Edit

Sam thanks you for listening to him. He says there's nothing for you to do just yet, as he still needs to make sure he wouldn't be sending you into danger.

Mean Something Edit

Sam assures you he won't send you anywhere too dangerous. He says that if you can let Frances know that Alice died helping people, it might be a meaningful act.

Running Drills Edit

Doctor Myers returns and takes over from Sam. She starts you off on some running drills

Hit The Showers Edit

Sam welcomes you back to Abel and entrusts you with Alice's notes.

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