Assist Runner 10's research into Zombie behaviour while training

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Ran around a tethered zombie in a field. For science! Also, zombies do not like knee-lifts. Good to know

Workout Edit

5 minute walk
5 minute free-form run
(Repeat 5 times)

1 minute run

1 minute walk

10 second knee lifts

8 minute free-form run
2 minute stretching
8 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Completely Secure Edit

Runner 10 asks you to assist in his research while you're training today. He's chained a captured zombie in a nearby field and wants you to help him test how close you need to be before "she" notices you. Doctor Myers is skeptical of the test's safety, but Runner 10 reassures her that it's perfectly safe.

Shuffle Rage! Edit

Runner 10 notices that your knee-lift exercises seem to be enraging the chained zombie. Doctor Myers tells you to run away for safety.

A Little Closer... Edit

Runner 10 asks you to do your next set of knee lifts closer to the zombie. He's very interested in how she's responding to your movements. The Doctor agrees that you could get a little closer, but tells you to run for now.

For Science Edit

Runner 10 asks you to walk back towards the zombie. He convinces Doctor Myers by insisting that this is the kind of research that saves lives.

Try Running! Edit

Runner 10 confirms that it's the knee-lifts that enrage the zombie. He suggests running next, to see how she responds. Doctor Myers agrees with this suggestion in characteristic manner.

Carry On! Edit

The zombie begins trying to to work her chains out of the ground.

Better Safe Than Sorry Edit

Runner 10 is amazed by the zombie's mobility - she's almost managed to work the stake out of the ground. He's certain she will be loose soon, and advises you to get out of the field as quickly as possible.

Keep Moving Edit

The zombie manages to escape her bonds. Keep Moving!

Stretch Out Edit

You manage to exit the field by a gate, which Doctor Myers tells you to close behind you quickly. She reassures you that the zombie won't be escaping, so you have some time to rest and stretch out.

Get Moving Again Edit

The zombie's rattling on the gate, so Doctor Myers advises you to move on quickly into your final free-form run.

Valuable Research Edit

Doctor Myers reprimands Runner 10 for putting you in danger. He insists it was valuable research and gives you a notebook and some pencils as a thank-you.

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