Francesca, Abel's Quartermaster, joins you on your first session of Week 3

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Met Francesca, Abel's cook. She mentioned that things are going missing from her kitchen

Workout Edit

5 minute walk
5 minute free-form run
(Repeat 5 times)

1 minute walk

1 minute run

10 second knee lifts

8 minute free-form run
2 minute stretching
8 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Out Now Edit

Doctor Myers introduces you to Francesca, Abel's quartermaster. She'll be joining you on your run today, and is excited to be leaving Abel for once.

Nettles Edit

Francesca complains that the exercise is too much for her and absconds to pick nettles for soup instead. She says she'll see you back at Abel.

Mystery Can Edit

Doctor Myers tells you to cool down while she chats to Francesca. She found nettles and wild garlic for soup, which she'll bring to Sam later. She also gives you a "mystery can" and a can opener as a reward for your run today.

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