Sam decides to accompany you on your run

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Sam went a little crazy on the run today. He lost someone recently. Hard to put that behind you

Workout Edit

10 minute walk
(Repeat 5 times)

30 second run

5 heel lifts

1 minute walk

(sometimes glitches after the last one, resulting in a very long run after Sam)

10 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Hella Fun Edit

Sam greets you by the gates before your second run of week two of your training. He explains that he's decided to come out running with you; he gets tired being cooped up in his comms shack. Doctor Myers is skeptical about this, but he reassures her and you both commence your run.

Really Great Area Edit

Sam enthuses about the restorative properties of running, then asks Maxine if the two of you can continue running up and down in the same area. She's curious as to why he wants to do this, but says it's fine to do so. He assures her it's just "a really great area for running."

Focus! Edit

Sam asks Maxine if this is the area where Abel's soldiers brought down the old Runner 5. She's worried by this, and asks him to focus up - there could be zoms in the area. He reassures her that he's fine.

Old Runner 3 Edit

Doctor Myers checks in with Sam. He says he's fine, but is obsessing about where Alice, the old Runner 5, died. Doctor Myers tries to lighten the mood with a joke, but it fails to do the job.

Maybe I Can... Edit

Sam makes a joke about the old Runner 3; she thought she could rescue zoms... maybe he can too! Maxine is not amused by this. Sam explains his reasons for coming out on the run with you; there was something Alice used to carry that he wants to try to retrieve.

Bring Him Back! Edit

Sam leaves you, saying he'll come back, but Doctor Myers tells you to run after him and bring him back.

Come Back In Edit

You catch up to Sam. He'd run off because he found Alice's wallet. It's obviously important to him, but Maxine tells you both to come back in to Abel immediately.

Hit The Bunk Edit

Doctor Myers is obviously angry at Sam for running off, but worried about his state of mind. He tells her he had to retrieve Alice's wallet because it contains important information about Alice's sister. Maxine tells him he can talk to her about anything. He makes his excuses and heads to bed, but not before he gives you your reward for the run: your own Runner's Headset to replace the spare you've been using.

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