Rajit accompanies you as you begin your second week of training

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Longer sprints today, plus heel-lifts. Kind of wish I hadn't seen that thing Rajit can do with his toe

Workout Edit

10 minute walk
(Repeat 5 times)

30 second run

5 heel lifts

1 minute walk

10 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Read My Novel? Edit

Rajit joins Sam and Doctor Myers in the comms booth as the Doctor briefs you for the first run of your second week of training. To begin: a ten-minute warm-up walk.

Beta Reader Edit

As Doctor Myers congratulates your on a successful run, Rajit and Sam bicker about why Rajit is unable to be a Runner. Rajit reveals that his supplies of bed sheets and linens are running low. This worries Sam. Rajit then complains that no-one's reading his novel, before giving you a clean bed sheet as a reward for your run.

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