Continue your training as a Runner

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Runner Four friendly. Got the old Runner Five's backpack - still a couple of chocolate bars in one of the pockets

Workout Edit

10 minute walk
(Repeat 10 times)

1 minute walk

15 second slow run

10 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

A Nice Surprise Edit

You overhear Doctor Myers and Sam discussing someone's rehabilitation. When they realise you're on comms, they fill you in on the recovery of the runners who suffered from smoke inhalation. Sam hints that you may get a nice surprise on your run today, which prompts he and the Doctor to discuss Runner Four's birthday party, which was interrupted by a zombie.

Be Nice Edit

Runner 4 surprises you while you're running. Sam admonishes her for scaring him with her zombie impression. Runner 4 tells you he's still upset about the old Runner 5 dying, and you should be nice to him.

An Honour Edit

Doctor Myers congratulates you on finishing your second training run. Sam offers you the old Runner 5's backpack as a reward. The Doctor says he shouldn't give it away, but he insists.

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