Begin your training as a Runner

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First workout. Rajit very insistent about reading his novel. As he's the only person who decides who gets hot showers, might be worth it?

Workout Edit

10 minute walk
(Repeat 10 times)

1 minute walk

15 second slow run

10 minute free-form run

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

10 minute walk Edit

Doctor Myers says she's glad to have you on board. Sam makes reference to a group of runners who are out of action through smoke inhalation. This means they need you to train up as a runner.

Rajit's Novel Edit

Doctor Myers congratulates you on your first training session. Sam is proud to have swung a hot shower for Runner 5. Doctor Myers figures out that Sam has agreed to read Rajit, Abel's commissary's terrible novel. Sam then passes the novel on to you, as a "reward"

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