There are worse things than zoms in the post-apocalyptic world. Living people are capable of shocking savagery too - as you're about to find out.



Cool RunningsEdit

Nadia frostily describes your route to the crisp factory to pick up some electronic supplies. She taunts you by eating crisps and voices her resentment at what she sees as Abel's hypocritical perception of New Canton.

Get Out!Edit

Nadia's continued resentment towards you becomes clearer as she reminisces about Lem. She tells the story of how they met; Lem found her locked in back of her van outside New Canton, surrounded by zombies and resigned to her own death, and created a decoy so she could escape unharmed. Sam interrupts as you hear a gunshot.


Sam takes over as your guide, whilst informing you that Nadia was leading you into Dedlocks territory. He explains that they used to work in the local toyshop, but have become an extremely dangerous settlement in wake of the apocalypse. Nadia's intentions become clear; she sent you here to die in revenge for tricking her into believing Lem was still alive.


Nadia attempts to backtrack and defend her actions, but Sam is having none of it, describing to Nadia how he heard Lem's wishes for you to take his headset. He guides you through the Dedlocks' territory as Nadia shows the first signs of repentance.

Just A Spot Of MurderEdit

Sam is hostile towards Archie and warns you not to trust her after Nadia's attempted revenge. Archie is shocked at the revelation but attempts to patch things up as she guides you to safety. Sam tells you to return to Abel rather than New Canton.


First appearance of the Dedlocks

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