Bafflers are needed before you can carry out the Exmoor Militia's request, and a nuclear power plant is the best place to get them

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Down The Furthest Chimney Edit

Sam's really not sure about a mission to a nuclear power plant; he prefers danger you can see. Tom and Janine reassure him your three-person team will be fine - they've done this before.

Within 10 Seconds Edit

Inside the plant you go over the plan; Tom will head west, Janine east and you'll go north to use the triple failsafe passkeys all at the same time.

More Zombies In The Building Edit

The doors are successfully opened but an alarm has been triggered. Janine's door has unleashed a manageably small horde of zombies, so you and Tom head to the subsidiary control room.

Run Together Edit

Inside the subsidiary control room are two people who stayed behind to properly shut down the powerstation and didn't make it out. Tom would prefer going to the main control room instead.

From That Crawlspace Edit

Sometimes there are things you just can't say in front of family, so Sam finds a reason to lose Janine's comms for a moment. Tom opens up to you and Sam about how he and Janine joined MI6.

Roger That Edit

Sam informs you the facility is filling up with concrete, so there's only a few minutes left. Tom uses that time to confide in you about his time as a prisoner, watching his jailers turn into zombies, and his escape.

Thank You, De Luca Edit

Janine's picked up the bafflers. The concrete's reached the sub-basement, starting to encase the people in the subsidiary control room, and you'll be next if you're not quick. They did their duty and so have you.

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