The race is on to get to Veronica before she succumbs to zombies, poison gas, or both

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Do What We Can Edit

Everyone prepares to enter Battenbury with rebreathers on. Cameo and Kytan run distraction while you and The Builder head for the clock tower with the explosives.

Time To Move Edit

While the team on the ground continues to progress Sam and Nadia try to make sense of sentient zombies. Suddenly Veronica's on the radio, whispering her position.

Still A Few Coming Edit

Kytan and Cameo continue to distract zoms, while Veronica reports the zombie that kidnapped her is actually trying to protect her.

My Way Of Thinking Edit

The ground team find harrowing graffiti by survivors trapped by the military. Veronica sees you but can't get to you, and discovers her captor was a man named Sid.

Time To Be A Hero Edit

Zoms are breaking through the door Sid has barricaded to protect Veronica. He is the one who's been taking the girls, thinking they're his daughter.

Razed To The Ground Edit

A massive explosion takes out loads of zombies. Veronica wants to save Sid but The Builder shoots him. The Minister breaks into the transmission warning that the city is about to be bombed.

All This Will Be Over Edit

As the group runs from the city the bombing starts behind you. The Minister is sure Veronica's research is the key to a cure and wants to help with work on Zombie Anomalies.

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