A tenuous alliance is needed with Dr Necropolis to rescue Paula, get the information you came for, and escape the Ringmaster's clutches

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

If You Want To See Her Again Edit

You try to find a way back inside to rescue Paula while Maxine talks Janine down from storming the place. As Sam takes over comms Dr Necropolis finds you, and says he can help you find Paula.

Right Under The Wall Edit

Sam's not sure about following Dr Necropolis, and is proved right when the Dr takes your headset. He has a proposition; he helps you find Paula if you help him get something back from the Ringmaster.

Someone's Seen Us Edit

It sounds like the Ringmaster is a proper moustache twirling villian. Dr Necropolis wants you to find a coded note from Amelia in the mansion's study. Unfortunately you've been spotted, and need to get to Paula quick.

If You're Not Out Soon... Edit

Dr Necropolis is true to his word and leads you to Paula. Before you leave she wants him to explain how he brought that zombie back to life, and convinces him to help find information about the cure.

A Secret Passage Edit

You can't keep dodging your persuers without help, so Dr Necropolis returns your headsets. Back in your ear again, Sam's not sure you can trust your new ally, but he does know the way in to Dr Dee's secret library.

I... See... You... Edit

In the library Dr Necropolis gives you an empty bottle inscribed with writing about 'Mary the Jewess', the contents of which can supposedly cure zoms. The Ringmaster's found you, and Dr Necropolis leaves to act as a distraction.

It Was Netrophil Edit

After escaping, Paula apologises for scaring Maxine, but her experience of nearly turning has made her determined to find a cure. Maxine has news too - it was Netrophil who tried to kidnap their daughter.

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