The man from the Ministry knows more than he's telling

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Purposeful Edit

The Ministry has had confirmation that the infirmary at the airport was part of Van Ark’s network and have sent out an operative to meet you in the field.

That Was The Zom Edit

You’re horrified to see a sprinting zombie with a hockey stick seemingly herding a gaggle of shamblers. As you think matters couldn’t get any words, she speaks.

To Hamelin Edit

A mysterious man wearing a bowler hat, suit and gloves appears - he crushes the shepherdess zombie’s skull nonchalantly before introducing himself as Steel.

We're Needed Edit

The shepherdess was one of Paula’s test subjects that was injected with VS72 before the apocalypse. Paula is horrified to see the results of the treatment.

Can't Keep Beth Waiting Edit

Steel says a contact will meet you outside the infirmary - he radios in to his contact, who apparently has some things to show you.

A Zombie-Free Path Edit

Sam points out that the woman has a vestigial tail - another previously undocumented side effect of the serum.

Who Was Steel? Edit

As you head home, Sam receives a message from the Ministry apologising for their operative being unable to attend their rendezvous. So... who was Steel?

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