Runner 7 launches a top-secret mission, and he's determined to have you by his side. Just what is he hiding and what could it mean for Abel?



Another Tunnel?Edit

You're out on a mission with Runner 7, who Sam says is in charge of your outing; he is curious as to why Runner 7 is being so cagey about revealing your destination. As you head for a railway tunnel, Sam spots another passage running from the inside just before his transmission crackles into silence.

Come Into My LairEdit

Runner 7 guides you around the caves, remarking on the beauty of the environment. However, he warns you that it is not safe - a bunch of cavers were trapped behind a rockfall when one of them turned - but that he trusts your competence, hence why he has chosen you to accompany him.

Grab The Grenade LaunchersEdit

Runner 7 tells you why he kept this place to himself; he likes the idea of having something that belongs entirely to during a time of communal living. He goes on to explain that he bought the place from the RAF, who intended for it to be their local HQ before things took a turn for the worse. You are lead through to a large armoury and grab a couple of grenade launchers before the zombie cavers begin to congregate.

No ChoiceEdit

Runner 7 explains why he has an underground base full of weapons; he believes that one day he could fight his way out of the country my himself. He praises your good sense of direction, an approval that leads to the confession that he was an arms dealer in his previous life, detesting the hypocrisy of arms embargoes. As you reach the door Runner 7 sees through a security camera that the zombified cavers have beaten you to the exit - luckily there is another way out.

Through The TrapdoorEdit

You're escaping through a ventilation shaft to avoid the zoms, but you hear scrabbling beneath you which suggests that they know where you are. Runner 7 confesses that he had a plane ready ever since he heard government rumblings about a virus and was ready to leave for the Caribbean as soon as the zombie plague hit, but at the last minute his dog slipped her leash and the pilot set off without him. You hear a rush of water as the tunnel floods, temporarily disabling the zombies.

Mission AccomplishedEdit

You're heading towards the daylight; Runner 7 asks you to keep the day's mission between you and him, fearing the others' reaction to his background. A transmission from Sam crackles in as he checks that you and Runner 7 are safe after your secret mission.



War Is The Answer

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