Ellie's skills will be needed once you have the Viking artefact, but first you need to get here way from the Ministry

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Ceramics And Silverware Edit

Some subterfuge is needed to convince a Ministry handler that Zoe is actually Ellie Maxted, but Zoe and Phil are late. To kill time Ellie suggests you take this Ministry person to pick up artefacts from a nearby museum.

Before That Horde Catches Up Edit

Intercepting Ollie, the man from the Ministry, Ellie introduces you and 'Joanie' aka Jody, as loyal Ministry runners over comms. The three of you must grab artefacts from Mallory museum without delay.

Era Of Special Interest Edit

Ellie may have misremembered that Mallory Museum is not, in fact, full of 17th Century ceramics, but instead houses videogame memorabilia.

80s Section Is That Way Edit

With a little help from Jody, Ellie bluffs her way through an academic knowledge of 80s videogames. Given there are zombies here Ollie wants to leave, but you ignore his pleas and continue on.

Over Those Frogger Machines Edit

You grab the completely necessary copy of Manic Miner from the 80s section, as zombies close in. Thankfully Jody spots an exit and you beat a hasty retreat, leaping over some Frogger machines.

For Archival Purposes Edit

Phil and Zoe have finally arrived, but Phil meets you while Zoe hangs back in the van. He continues the ruse that you must pick up items of vital historical importance before you can leave.

Behind That Hedge Edit

Once outside you meet up with Zoe, and successfully fool Ollie. Unfortunately both she and Phil have been signed up to give a very involved lecture in Sudbury, and that's your cue to go to the real Ellie.

Only One Who Can Help Edit

Ellie's excited about seeing the Viking artefact, but a clip of Sigrid explaining how she's going to 'fix' humanity brings her back to earth. Ellie's the only one who can help you stay one step ahead of the Ministry.

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