Abel says its final farewell to an old friend.

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Plot Edit

Never, Ever Ready Edit

Sam tentatively checks whether you are ready for today’s mission. Amelia insensitively scrutinises the protocol, but soon trails off, rather embarrassed. The company talk of Runner 8 as you head towards her final resting place.

Banana Pancakes Edit

Runner 4 notices how pretty the landscape is around the headland; Janine tells her that this is where Runner 8 used to come sailing with her sons. They reminisce more about Sara, from her realistic attitude towards post-apocalyptic life to her famous banana pancakes.

So Much Left Unfinished Edit

Amelia is puffed as you continue your journey and comments on Abel’s close-knit nature. Runner 4 is defensive, adamant that their community spirit is what has kept them all alive. Runner 8 gave everything to Abel, but even then some things were left unfinished; she trusted you though, so it’s up to you to carry on what she started.

Have A Think Edit

The company reaches the seaside. Runner 4 has something to ask you; after Runner 7 left, Abel had decided to make Runner 8 the new head of runners. Now, in the aftermath of her death, the other runners think you would be best for the job.

Run In Formation Edit

Louise admires the scenery, and Sam remembers how Runner 8 once told him that being out running in the open was where she felt most alive. Janine believes she would have liked the independence of being laid to rest outside the Forest of Fallen Runners. Jamie guards your journey along the jetty. Again Amelia interrupts the somber gathering to inform you that all trace of Comansys is being obliterated, but Janine cuts her off, telling her that this is not the time.

Faith Edit

Janine quietly observes that the picturesque setting suits Runner 8. You open the urn and scatter her ashes into the ocean, then run to the end of the jetty. Inside the very last bollard, you find a parting gift that will help you in your quest in unravelling the mystery of Comansys.

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