You, Veronica and Ellie get more than you bargained for when following a lead from the Netrophil operatives list

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Never Say The 'S' Word! Edit

You're headed to a 'museum' with Veronica and Ellie to investigate a Netrophil agent who was researching Vikings and zombies.

A Viking Burial Chamber Edit

Ellie feels an unsettling atmosphere about the place; maybe because you're above a Viking burial chamber.

Quickly In And Out Edit

Veronica surprises everyone by candidly stating she doesn't like the Minister. The tomb you've reached has some totally-not-ominous writing on the door.

Those Manacles Aren't Holding Edit

As the creepy feeling increases, you discover some strange upright corpses with probes in their feet, 'guarding' the tomb. Veronica pulls the probes out and suddenly you're dealing with two ancient zombies.

Total Site Conflagration Edit

Veronica is more concerned with studying the monsters chasing you rather than running away, but as the base goes into infection containment lockdown you may not get a choice.

90 Seconds To Escape Edit

Doors shut behind you, trapping one of the zombies. You sprint through the tomb, but time's running out to get to the exit.

Where's The Third Zombie? Edit

You're almost clear when Veronica decides to use herself as bait for the remaining zombie. She only just gets away with it, but points out all is not lost: there were three niches for tomb guardian zoms down there, and you only saw two.

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