Sam's yearning for some food from his childhood. Chinatown's been quiet for months. Perhaps a little too quiet.




Sam is very excited and grateful that you're going with him to get delicious Chinese food rather than collecting Halloween masks. He's been having cravings for Chinese food, like his grandfather used to make when he used to visit Sam and his family. His grandfather also used to tell him that if he didn't stop stealing the bao filling, the jiang-shi would get him. He's pretty sure he can recreate his grandfather's recipes once he has all the right ingredients- and he's super excited to be out and about.

Mannequin ShopEdit

Sam is amazed out how untouched Chinatown looks- it doesn't look like either the zombies or the looter made much of a dent. Sam's also excited to be able to share something about his culture- not just the food, but maybe telling a few of his grandfather's stories, or have some chrysanthemum tea. He misses stuff like that- he never lived in China or anything, but the fact that he'll probably never visit there makes him feel a bit homesick anyway. The store you were headed towards looks like it closed before the apocalypse- there are mannequins standing around, though.


Sam tells you about one of his grandfather's old stories about the Chinese version of zombies- the jiang-shi. Unlike the zombies you face, they try to steal your chi and still suffer from rigor mortis, so they have to hop. Sam has always found this last fact hilarious, much to his grandfather's disappointment. He puts some supplies into your backpack, with all due appreciation for how much stuff you can carry. There the sound of thudding coming from somewhere, but the source of the noise can't be seen, so you hurry to collect some spices before sundown.


Sam is collecting his supplies, and talking about his childhood- while he can basically understand Chinese, it's his sister who actually kept up with their lessons and can speak it. The thudding noise happens again- Sam wondering if you can see people too, standing like statues, even though there hadn't been anyone there previously. There's another thud, this time while you're looking, allowing you to see a crowd of twenty people jump towards you. Well, crap. Time to run!


You run, pursued by several jiang-shi as Sam tries to remember everything he knows about the jiang-shi. They happen when the spirit of a dead person jumps back into the body. You can get the spirit back out of the body by using peach tree wood (which doesn't grow in the UK) or the blood of a black dog (impractical, and likely to bring Jody's wrath upon him). Sam remembers that rice-glutinous rice, which is unprocessed- also works. As the jiang-shi have cut off your exit from town, it's time to head for the nearest supply of rice.


There are too many jiang-shi to fight off, so this rice thing better work. And it does- the jiang-shi coughs up a lungful of rice and then collapses, dead-dead. So it's time to chuck rice like your life depends on it- or like you're celebrating two people's decisions to spend their lives together. Whichever you prefer.


You manage to dispatch the last of them. Sam is amazed at how he was able to remember anything his grandfather said. He tries to remember what his grandfather said about were the displaced souls went, and spits out a few grains of rice that he apparently inhaled. Time to head back to Abel- there might still be time to make bao for everyone.


Janine is concerned about the fact that Chinatown isn't the secure deadzone they thought it was. Sam keeps trying to spit rice out- he worries about where the spirits go, when they leave the zombie bodies. A few moments of spitting later, you get your answer: you and Sam go grey, and start hopping towards Abel.

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