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This fell from Moonchild`s pocket. It looks old, like she`s been carrying it around for ages.

Darling Cynthia,

I'm so proud of you. First day of university. I`ve always known you could do it, darling. You`ve worked so hard for this, and you deserve all the success and accolades that I know are going to be drawn toward you like iron filings to an electro-magnet.

My little bobtie, there are so may things I would have done differently if I`d had the chance. I neverr had the oppertunities you`ve had, no one ever saw anything special in me. But it`s going to be different for you. You`re going to do all the things I never could, and more.

We named you after the moon for a reason, your mum and me. It`s because we knew people would be drawn to you, that you`d have an effect on the world, that you could be the one to turn the tide. And you will. This is just the start.

-All my love


Mission Edit

The artefact can be found in Season 3 Mission 60: Sacrifice

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