Virtuous Circle
Written by

Naomi Alderman

Mission Type

Story Mission

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Patient 29


Scouting Mission

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Gather entertainment supplies



Head To The Toy StoreEdit

Sam greets you with good news: Abel's been doing particularly well recently. The Doctor reminds Sam that happier people have healthier immune systems, which brings him to the reason for today's run: gathering recreation supplies.

Look For Core RulesEdit

You're within sight of the toy store, and Sam is excited to see lots of video games on display. The Doctor is skeptical until she sees that the store stocks pen and paper roleplaying games. She reminisces about roleplaying with Paula, then asks you to head down the street to try to find the original rulebooks for the game.

Look For PaintEdit

You arrive at the other store, and the Doctor demands the 4th edition rulebook, rather than the 3rd. This prompts Sam to interject: roleplaying games are for nerds. The Doctor teases Sam in response about his cosplaying background. He then spots figurines for the game, which he asks you to grab before heading off to find paint.

In Search Of Oil PaintEdit

At Phillips Craft Store, Sam guides you through selecting the correct paints. The Doctor is worried about a particular shade of paint being linked to cancer, though, so Sam asks you to leave that one behind, before realising that the paints you're picking up aren't long-lasting enough. Sam asks you to head to a different store to look for better paint.

Fancy UnderpantsEdit

The Doctor worries that you're only collecting supplies that a few people will enjoy. As they discuss this, Sam becomes excited about the possibility of costumes. However, the discussion is cut short as Sam spots zoms on the scanner and asks you to head home instead.


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