A meeting with the Exmoor Militia turns into a chase across some quintessentially British countryside

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Best Chance Of Safety Edit

A Laundry contact drops you, Amelia and Louise as close as possible to Exmoor Militia territory, but due to their fearsome reputation you're on your own from there.

Down Dingley Dell, Is It? Edit

On the way to the rendezvous point you have time to listen in to Ian, who's continuing his descent into full-on dictator. Louise thinks that's reason enough to work with the Exmoor Militia.

Get In The Carrier Edit

Your contact is a little unexpected for a militia member; a woman with her young child, Oscar. As you've been followed by Sigrid's soldiers you'll just have to trust they are who they say they are.

Little Crumbling Pathway Edit

Your Exmoor Militia contact, Jules, mentions they don't know why Sigrid's soldiers have started attacking them. Amelia suggests pushing some standing stones onto them, to Jules' horror. You'll take the coastal path instead.

Three-Thousand Year Old Seat Edit

Several soldiers fall into the sea chasing you along the coastal path. Jules gives a brief history of the Exmoor Militia and Amelia feigns ignorance about who could be impersonating them.

Up This Shale Cliff Edit

In the picturesque Valley of the Rocks, Amelia and Louise realise the soldiers will see you once they reach a pontoon on the river. Jules seems unconcerned but suggests you hurry up a nearby shale cliff.

Going To Be A... Challenge Edit

The soldiers train their guns on you but Jules remains calm and directs Oscar to unhook what turns out to be the pontoon's only mooring. With the soldiers swept away Jules now feels she can trust you. To enter an alliance you'll need to retrieve a box from Brackenridge Oates Hall.

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