Someone of vital importance has disappeared - you should follow their trail before it goes cold

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Like Father, Like Daughter Edit

You’ve found Veronica McShell! But she’s not pleased to see you. Her research partner has gone missing and she needs your help to find him.

The Path Forks Edit

Veronica guides you through a patch of calming plants, the same as you saw around Darren’s home. Veronica spots Vince’s radio as the path forks.

Something Wrong? Edit

Veronica says that all treetop residents disappeared one night after a mysterious woman arrived; only she and Vince remain.

After Her! Edit

Sam spots someone in the vicinity; the girl, Rachel, plays dumb until Veronica reveals that she can see Vince’s blood on Rachel’s shoes.

Path Leads This Way Edit

The group follows Rachel to Vince’s scattered remains. Sam’s comparisons between Veronica and her father anger her before she pursues Rachel.

Before He Escapes Edit

Rachel begs you to turn back as you discover her zombie boyfriend, Danny. Sam recognises Rachel from the cult you met previously.

Eternal Life Edit

You approach Danny. He’s chained to a tree. Rachel vows to protect him and undoes the chain so that he can bite her. That way they can be together forever.

What They Wanted Edit

Veronica reveals that she wasn’t camping with the Guides when the apocalypse happened. She was doing research at the Natural History Museum.

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