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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Vessel Nine Edit

Albert promises to explain exactly what is going on as he gives you a tour of the flotilla facility. Meanwhile, Maxine is explaining the situation to Paula elsewhere.

To The Medical Boat Edit

It seems that Comansys’ ex-CEO, Diana, is the real villain; she wanted to get hold of Maxine and find out what is hidden underneath the Township.

Not A Good Choice Edit

The injections which prevent Diana from controlling Albert and co are also killing their skin cells. It’s a large sacrifice to make but, Albert says, it’s worth it.

Backup Plan Edit

It turns out that before the apocalypse, Diana was putting mind control drugs into the water at Comansys to keep the entire company pliant.

Come Along Edit

Albert talks us through his final moments with Van Ark. He’s explaining how it feels to be mind controlled while Van Ark rants about his betrayal by Diana.

To The Laboratory Edit

Van Ark continues his rant about the people of Abel as he uses his mind control device to set a group of zombies against his foes.

Must Dash Edit

Before escaping, Van Ark injects Albert with the mind freeing formula and gives him a box full of more to use later.

CeretinPlus Edit

Back in the present. Albert explains that Maxine is safe as long as she stays out of reach of Diana, and that people who have drunk CeretinPlus should beware.

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