Mind the gap-toothed zombies

(This mission refers back to choices made in previous choice missions Descent and Leave My Brain Alone)

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

No Time To Lose Edit

Jamie and Simon share a frosty exchange at the palace before you open the gates and head for the Comansys Tower.

Use The Anti-Zom Formula Edit

You head underground and infiltrate the Royal Family’s nuclear bunker, which should provide safe passage past Moonchild’s defensive perimeter.

Where Did You Get That? Edit

You reach what seems like a dead end, but a handy little gift from beyond the grave provides a light at the end of the tunnel.

It's All Coming Together Edit

You enter Comansys Tower’s CCTV centre and Sam patches in. Janine instructs you to get the ZRD to the top of the North Spiral.

Flesh Eating Bacteria? Edit

Doctor Lobatse joins you on comms to guide you through the flesh-eating bacteria on the 14th floor.

Life Saver Edit

Tony helps you parkour your way across the semi-collapsed floor of the the Comansys Tower.

The content here related back to the choice made in Leave My Brain Alone

Choice: Hot-Air Balloon

Triggering The Drone Strikes Edit

Professor Downes has a machine that can smash the windows of a floor containing toxins, which would be fine if the windows weren’t self healing.

Choice: Lifeboat
(needs adding)
Choice: Submarine

Doctor Lobatse joins you on comms to guide you through the flesh-eating bacteria on the 24th floor. You wear airtight suits traded from the salvaged submarine. Lobatse warns you that the flesh-eating bacteria may be able to eat through the rubber of the suits.

Let Him Go Edit

Moonchild chimes in over the loudspeakers, convinced you’re all part of her master plan and that she can make you all happy.

The content here related back to the choice made in Descent

Choice: Go over the zombies

Louise appears on comms to guide you towards some abandoned window cleaning equipment which you can use to scale a few floors.

Choice: Repel the zombies

The lifts are guarded by a horde of mind controlled people. Veronica reassures you over comms that her new formula will work on them.

Choice: Run through the zombies

You need a battering ram, so grab a piece of modern art from a nearby office, bash through the door and head up the director's staircase. Jody guides you.


As you fir the ZRD into place, Moonchild's voice echoes from the tannoy; she reprogrammed the systems and you've delivered the device right to her

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