Janine is running a test of Abel's structural defences - it is up to Runners 4 and 5 to keep the real zoms away from the fake ones.



Capture The FlagEdit

Sam asks you and and Runner 4 to pick up your noisemaker and report to the gates, since Janine is running a test of Abel's structural defences and it is your job to keep the real zoms away from the fake ones.

Operation Clove HitchEdit

Sam informs you that you have about fifty zoms on your tail, but suggests a detour through the park to take in a little scenery and check out whether any more odd little campsites have appeared. This pleasant proposition is forgotten as you pick up a dozen fast zoms. Runner 4 suggests turning off your noisemakers and Sam sends more runners in your direction to split up the horde. You pick up interference from another intriguing transmission.

Split At The ArchwayEdit

Sam is confused - the signal seems to be jammed. The stranger's voice then chimes in again, asking if you've been bitten. Once Runner 4 confirms that you have not, she offers to bring you in. Another voice on the transmission points out that you're attracting more fast zoms from the South, before asking for her apologies to be passed on to Sam for cutting him off. You are advised by the strangers to split up and run around opposite sides of the archway ahead.

Killer Girl Guides?Edit

Sam reluctantly tells you to do as the girls are saying. You and Runner 4 split at the archway as the bridge is raised. To Sam's disbelief you see a dozen girls expertly stringing together a rope bridge and wielding machine guns - a sight he wishes Janine could see. They finally introduce themselves as the Owl and the Pussycat patrols; North London Girl guides.

The Test!Edit

The Girl Guides wish to propose a swap with Abel, since they are running low on ammo. They explain that they were out camping when the outbreak hit and joke about how the zombie apocalypse can be approached by thinking about it as an 'Advanced Survival' badge. Having now become a large group, Sam wishes to bring you back as fast as you can manage. He suddenly remembers Janine's test and how he has no decoys left in the field.

We've Got It From HereEdit

Sam checks back in - no crises occurred while Janine's test was running, but he fears her wish to have a stern word with you all once you return. The Girl Guides bluntly turn down Sam and Runner 4's offer to stay in Abel, since they've not yet lost a patroller, and resolve to wait outside for an Abel delegate to discuss a trade. Posey jams Sam's signal again and the girls you a secret call that will summon them if ever you need them.




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