Creative solutions and outside help are required for Janine's latest lead

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

My Bodyguard: Covering Fire! Edit

Janine's finally got some information out of her brother, so you're off to a repeater station with her, Runner 4, and the Minister. But not the Minister's zombie-magnet jeep.

Must Shake These Zoms Off Edit

Brightwater repeater station was a high level military installation, so you need the Minister's voice again. Unfortunately it's also in the middle of a reservoir contaminated with the zombie virus.

Capable Of A Great Deal Edit

The plan to avoid being swarmed by zoms involves you leading them towards a pressure washer-turned-weapon, filled with lake water.

Can't Hold Them At Bay Forever Edit

Janine's makeshift water cannon is extremely effective - and disgusting. The Brightwater station is especially important because a software glitch in its AI system may have saved vital information about the cure.

Here They Come Edit

Luckily the security system still works and you just make it inside before zoms notice. You can't shut the door in case you get trapped, so Janine and the Minister split off while you and Runner 4 distract the zombies.

Need To Get It Quickly Edit

After dumping your latest pack back in the water Sam plays you some of the audio clips he's found. No clues about Vikings so far, so Sam keeps looking while you rejoin Janine and the Minister.

Take Out The Roof Edit

At the top of the tower Janine gets the Minister to unlock and play Tom's collection of relevant clips. It turns out Janine was right, there is a conspiracy, and the Minister's at the heart of it. Now her cover's been blown she's not going to let you go, and escapes in her waiting helicopter with the Builder, instructing him to fire.

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